Hello everyone , today we are going through the confusion matrix, its importance and how it is utilized in the industry by solving some real world cyber crime related attacks. So starting with the confusion matrix.

What is Confusion Matrix ?

In machine learning world, we are much focused on data preprocessing and Feature Engineering…

Ansible is one of the easiest DevOps tool that can automate nearly every server use case . Its based upon declarative language so a user just have to write up how to do a set of tasks and rest will be taken care by Ansible.

The tool is also believed…

Kubernetes is one of the fastest growing DevOps tool and that is based on containerization technology and thus it is used to utilized the physical resources i.e. The Computing Unit (RAM and CPU) and Storage Unit (Hard disk) to their fullest.

A little History

The technology upgradation for provisioning of Operating Systems started…

Nishant Singh

I’m a student learning some newer technologies day by day . I just wish to go contribute somehow in this changing and evolving world😊

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